GoPlus: Bridging the gap between technology and future of education

Learn more about the transformative potential of GoPlus, as it introduces adaptive learning, insightful analytics, and efficient hierarchy management to revolutionize your classroom experience.

Effortlessly design outstanding Educational Content

Select from a diverse array of quiz formats and enrich them with your unique content to enhance your teaching process.

Creating versatile Quizzes with GoPlus

Harness the flexibility of GoPlus to build quizzes tailored to your educational needs.
From the simplicity of multiple-choice questions to the cognitive engagement of matching tasks, let diversity be the strength of your assessment strategy.

Hierarchy and Permissions

  • Streamline permission management for different user roles, empowering institutions to easily control access.
  • Customize the platform hierarchy to seamlessly align with your organization’s structure.
  • Effortlessly perform these actions through the institutions admin portal.
  • Consolidate data within the hierarchy profile, enabling role-based access to precise information.
  • Generate actionable insights from data, providing intelligent reports to support institutions in optimizing educational outcomes.

Gain real-time insights into learner’s performance

  • Uncover Actionable Data to Enhance User and Group Understanding.
  • Analyze Data at Quiz, Individual, Group, or Question Level with Convenient Excel or PDF Download Options.

Efficient Organization Management System

  • Streamlined Organization Setup : Setup an organization

  • Add Trainees and Trainers : Effortlessly onboard and manage both trainees and trainers.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard : Provide a centralized platform to oversee schedules and activities for trainees and trainers.

  • Track Trainers’ progress : Monitor and assess trainers’ advancement within the system.

  • Seamless Communication: Foster effective communication among users through email integration.

  • Robust Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports for both trainers and trainees, facilitating data-driven insights.

Data Visualization and Prediction

  • Clear and accessible data presentation for all stakeholders.
  • Analyzing predictors of success.
  • Forecasting future trends in student performance.
  • Identifying patterns to enhance teaching and improve learning outcomes.


Modern assessments require new capabilities. Increase learner engagement and become an embedded part of the learning experience.