Empower Educators: Personalize Learning, Improve Outcomes & Save Time

GoPlus offers an all round solution in built with the latest technology to ensure educators can make the most out of every course delivered


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Our Vision

GoPlus empowers educators to personalize learning, enhance outcomes, and save time through technology. Adaptive learning tailors content, analytics track progress, and classroom tools streamline teaching.

Join GoPlus for a global education revolution focused on personalized success.

Why choose GoPlus?

We have created GoPlus afters years of R&D into educative tech that aims at empowering educators to personalize learning, enhance outcomes, and streamline tasks. Tailored experiences, progress tracking, and classroom management.

Choose GoPlus for transformative education.

LMS Integration

GoPlus can integrate with most of the leading LMS & SIS platforms like Canvas, MOODLE and Blackboard.


GoPLus offers state of the art tech at half the cost and implementation cost compared to our competitors.

Latest Tech

GoPLus facilitates a seamless journey, incorporating adaptive assessments and ChatGPT integration for effortless course creation.

GDPR Compliant

The GoPLus platform is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, prioritizing the protection of user data.

Meet the team behind GoPlus

Our team is made up of passionate educators, technologists, and entrepreneurs who are committed to transforming education.

Hania Baramki


Abdulrahman Albearoti


Himanshu Srivastava


Rasha Halat


We are committed to helping educators create personalized learning experiences that help students achieve their full potential. We believe that GoPlus is the future of learning, and we are excited to see how it can transform education around the world.

Hania Baramki

CEO at GoPlus


Modern assessments require new capabilities. Increase learner engagement and become an embedded part of the learning experience.